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Our Story

I learned photography in the streets of New York City, walking the Manhattan streets with my camera and the summer under my feet. I took pictures of everything I can find. First mastering the ability to capture the sunset behind the Manhattan Skyline and then mastering the ability to capture the beautiful images only the New York City streets at night can give one. I trained my eye to capture people in their most candid moments because a posed smile can be a glimpse of who a person is, but a natural expression can give you a look into one's soul. I began my photographing of people assisting other photographers and doing events such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. I eventually began to do portrait sessions on my own using the same style I developed in doing street photography. I prefer directing a client to do something natural to them rather than “posing” all together so that they will be at their most comfortable hence making for a better image. It is an unbelievable feeling in knowing today that I can now apply all the things I learned in the years of street photography and assisting others that have led me to become a portrait and wedding/event photographer and a teacher of photography and lighting. As a family man I love to capture the happiness an engaged couple or a family of 5 bring to me when they want to be photographed or a new photographer who wants to learn how to use the manual settings on their camera to control the way there first of many images look. Contact me for a session of your needs and let's make a fun experience